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Sudden disasters fall on the most well-planned lives. Most people, with a little bit of help when they are most vulnerable, can recover from disaster. Volunteers and financial support are greatly appreciated. Your contributions helped make MEMFTH a success.


Encourage healthy living.


Assist with transporting items to the homeless.

Gadgets & Gears

Technology experience.

Inner Satisfaction

Helping others in need.

Minister to the Homeless

Sharing hope and encouragement.

Logistic Assistance

Assemble packages for the homeless.

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A single person can change million lives
Dedicated members
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Logistic Assistant I

Consist of stuffing back-to-school supplies and snack bags for elementary school age boys and girls. Also, stuff bags with snacks and personal items (toiletries) during outreach street ministry to men and women housed in shelters.

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Logistic Assistant II

Distribute Easter Baskets to boys and girls during outreach street ministry and prepare Christmas baskets filled with items.

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