Dedicated to serve every walks of life who are in transitioned back into society. 

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Meet the founder

As the founder of Ministry Without Walls, God is directing me to grow this ministry larger.  He said, “Enlarge your territory, by pulling together laborers to bring about a change in the lives of God’s people (the homeless) in every walk of life by giving hope to the hopeless and doing evangelism through outreach, sharing the love of God in every location of District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia (DMV).

Matthew 25:35-36

In doing this, Matthew 25:35-36, “For I was hungry and you gave Me food, I was thirsty and you gave Me something to drink, I was a stranger and you brought Me together with yourselves and welcomed and entertained and lodged Me. 36 I was naked and you clothed Me, I was sick and you visited Me with help and ministering care. I was in prison and you came to see Me” will be accomplished.


This ministry is dedicated to serving those in every walk of life who are in transition; my sister and others like her in this season. God has placed on my heart to be instrumental in the lives of men, women, children and young adults who are desperately seeking for a place in society.

We encourage the lives of all people.


Mary Elizabeth Mission for the Homeless (MEMFTH) outreach ministry’s mission is to support men, women, and children who are in transition through our outreach ministry.

Our goal is to distribute necessities for everyday living such as food, water, clothing, toiletries, etc.

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Mary Elizabeth Ministry for the Homeless



2019 Event

Annual Celebration
We want you to share in a life changing, powerful, unforgettable experience.  You don’t want to miss out next event.  
Enlarge your territory, by pulling together laborers to bring about a change in the lives of God’s people (the homeless) in every walk of life
Give hope to the hopeless and evangelism through outreach the love of God in every location such as Lo Debar (a place of poverty).


24 Hour Prayer Support

Please complete this confidential online form to request prayers and it will be sent to our dedicated 24-hour Volunteer Prayer Warriors who will agree with you in prayer in Jesus Name that God in his infinite wisdom, mercy, and love will answer your prayers according to his purpose for your life.


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MInistry Without Walls has the privilege of being part of the work that God is doing to touch our communities and our globe in mighty and meaningful ways. Please contact us by using the information or form below.

Why should you join the mission? 
Sudden disasters fall on the most well-planned lives. Most people, with a little bit of help when they are most vulnerable, can recover from disasters. Volunteers and financial support are greatly appreciated. Please contact us for information about our ministry, volunteer or just to say “hello.”  We love to hear from you.  

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